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User studies to determine if an IVE via a head-mounted display improves memorisation of 10 Swedish nouns. Retention, efficiency and enjoyability were all higher in VR method than traditional.


  • IVE: Immersive virtual environment
  • Head-mounted display: modern consumer VR headset

Key points

  • Tradtional method was better when tested immediately, but similar after a week
  • Retention was higher in VR
  • Enjoyability was higher in VR


  • Where has it been proven that immersion is the most effective method of language learning?
  • Is this learning, as opposed to acqusition (Kashen)?
  • Is noun learning different to other types of learning?
  • What is a tradiontional method? Does list memorisation and flashcards count?
  • How to do comparative study? What is a traditional learning environment? Compare to a term of tuition?
  • Any control for the VR novelty factor?
  • Room for a more qualitative analysis?
  • Ready for a replication with more words?

Further reading

  • Villarica, R. and Richards, D. Intelligent and Empathic Agent

to Support Student Learning in Virtual Worlds. Proceedings of the 2014 Conference on Interactive Entertainment - IE2014, (2014)